Whippersnapper Bolsterlock

Whippersnapper Bolsterlock


The Whippersnapper was released in November 2019 and by mid-2021 we had completed its first run. At that time the knife was a full titanium framelock with CPM-20CV blade steel. What you're seeing on this page is the start of its second run: the design and size are the same, but there are a few changes. We wanted to go back to our roots of making full custom linerlocks and combine that experience of working with different materials with the ways we learned to make titanium… not look like titanium. The end result is this 'bolsterlock' style which adds a vast range of scale options to the original design (coincidentally we have a stash of materials that goes back to 2013). And in case choosing one wasn't hard enough already, there are now three blade steel options: CTS-XHP, CPM S90V, and Damasteel in the Super Dense Twist pattern.


At this initial stage, in order to showcase potential handle options while streamlining the order process we decided to use our Half Baked system of customizing. Below you will see a number of custom builds for which we already chose the scales – but the rest of the knife is up to you. Use the forms on each product page to choose finishes for all remaining parts, add filework, change the clip material, and so on. The idea behind this was to allow you to see exactly what the scale material will look like to help decide the rest of the build. After you place the order we'll reach out directly to iron out any details and once that's done we'll need 2-3 working days to ship your new Whippersnapper. Alternatively, select Maker's Choice and trust us to do that which we learned to do best while building thousands of custom one-off knives over the last ten years.


Quickforms are a way to get a great-looking timeless build with a fast turnaround time. Each page below will have an easy order form and hundreds of mock ups to visualize the potential outcome.

Ready to go

These are available for immediate shipping + archive of recently sold.

Half Baked builds

Below is the first batch of Half Baked builds. New ones will be added as we go along. To see all of them past and present visit the HB Whippersnapper category in our store. We will also periodically post completed ready-to-ship ones which can be seen here or at the bottom of this page.

WSBL weight chart

Due to the varying scale materials the weight of a bolsterlock Whippersnapper will fluctuate. In general expect it to be about 3.3oz with composite scales and 3.9oz with metal scales. Below is a table of the exact weights of the ones we’ve made so far.

Model Blade shape Scales Weight (oz)
WSBL sheepsfoot fordite 3.254
WSBL sheepsfoot canvas micarta 3.288
WSBL sheepsfoot red swirl cf, zirc clip 3.301
WSBL sheepsfoot black swirl cf 3.375
WSBL sheepsfoot silver lightning strike 3.347
WSBL sheepsfoot ironwood 3.292
WSBL sheepsfoot raffir sparkle 3.287
WSBL sheepsfoot green c-tek 3.243
WSBL sheepsfoot red paper micarta 3.345
WSBL sheepsfoot timascus 3.892
WSBL wharncliffe blue c-tek 3.233
WSBL wharncliffe gray g10 matte blast 3.418
WSBL wharncliffe thunderstorm kevlar 3.324
WSBL (damasteel) wharncliffe endcut carbon fiber 3.335
WSBL wharncliffe red jigged bone 3.548
WSBL (damasteel) wharncliffe alumalite 3.248
WSBL wharncliffe white juma 3.223
WSBL wharncliffe black timascus (ti clip) 4.163
WSBL (damasteel) wharncliffe fusion ragcarta 3.285
WSBL wharncliffe side cut micarta 3.509
WSBL sheepsfoot fat carbon (red/white/blue) 3.448
WSBL wharncliffe fat carbon (twill) 3.251
WSBL (damasteel) wharncliffe alumalite 3.25
WSBL (damasteel) sheepsfoot g-carta vintage especial 3.327
WSBL (damasteel) sheepsfoot fat carbon (black/teal) 3.402
WSBL (damasteel) sheepsfoot g-carta (ocean depths) 3.278
WSBL sheepsfoot g-carta vintage especial 3.247
WSBL (damasteel) wharncliffe fat carbon (red/black) 3.46
WSBL (damasteel) sheepsfoot fat carbon (red/white/blue) 3.408
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Whippersnapper bolsterlock spec

Overall the dimensions and specification are identical to the full titanium Whippersnapper.

Blade length 2.75″
Cutting edge 2.3125″
Overall length 6.875″
Closed (without flipper tab) 4.0625″
Closed (with flipper tab) 4.250″
Blade thickness 0.138″
Grind type Flat
Bolster/frame Ti-6AL-4V
Backspacer Ti-6AL-4V
Pocket clip (standard) Ti-6AL-4V
Pocket clip style Tip-up only
Hardware (screws) Ti-6AL-4V
Hardware driver Torx T6
Pivots Ti-6AL-4V
Pivot driver Torx T8
Pivot rotation-free notch Yes
Pivot barrel Stainless
Lock-bar insert Stainless
Detent ball Ceramic
Bearings Caged, stainless
Thrust washer Yes, stainless
Stop pin Dual, stainless
Opening type Manual
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