Half Baked Builds


Half Baked Builds is a new way to order one of our knives. Below you will find various Buskers, Wayfarer 247s, and Swishes that are almost finished. We decided what to do with the knife as far as carving, sculpting, weight reduction, and other features. Everything beyond that is where you come in by choosing what direction to go with as far as colors and finishes. The knives listed below will each have a unique order form that will allow you to dictate what the finished product will look like. Some of these variants have never been done before and all will be one-offs.


We will have a few periods throughout the year when we offer this style of ordering. The current period started on October 1st and will go until December 15th. During this time we will post new Half Baked knives. Use the email sign up here to be notified when new knives are added. When something catches your eye, use that build’s form to decide what the knife will look like. Once the form is submitted we will contact you within 24hrs to discuss details. The knife itself will ship within 2 business days after all details are confirmed.

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