I think the combination of finishes is stunning and reminds me of impressionist paintings in the way the colors flow but look like brushstrokes with the Frosty finish. It reminds me a bit of stained glass too. The Frosty finish reflecting the light differently at different angles goes so well with the color changes in the Entropic finish and adds a great deal of depth to the flat surfaces of the Busker. I'm very happy.

Robert T.

Location, USA

Hello Eugene…
I just wanted to let you know that I had received my new 247. I am thoroughly impressed and extremely happy with it. I couldn't have hoped it be any better. Thanks again for the excellent customer service and the quality product. Honestly, I can't say enough good things about Olamic Cutlery and yourself.. but I tried.

Stephen S.

Jenks, OK

I bought my first Olamic, a custom compact Wayfarer, on Ebay second hand. I wasn't sure what to expect but I was very pleased when it arrived. It is a real beauty that has to bee seen and held in person to truly appreciate! The original owner had caused a bit of superficial damage to the handle art ( a really cool skull inlay) so I contacted the owner,of Eugene at Olamic Tactical to find out how much it would cost to correct. I sent it to him and within a week I had it back and it was like brand new, and he didn't even charge me for the work! I've since purchased 4 more Olamic pieces, a 247, a 247H, a Swish and a full size Wayfarer……I love them all!!! They are all works of art…..I can't wait to see what Eugene comes up with next. Attached is a photo of a couple of my favorites from my collection so far.

Eric D.

San Diego, CA

The knife was more beautiful in person than pictured on the website. My wife who is an artist stated that combination of style, color palette and color placement on the knife was a work of art. My son who just started collecting knives said he had to have that knife and that is where it has found a home. I will be contacting you in the future for another knife for myself.

Paul P.

Vernon Hills, IL

I purchased a stacked birch and blue (dyed) maple-insert knife from Olamic
Cutlery recently. It's a one-of-a-kind knife, with a warranty of authenticity, and
registration number right on the blade hilt. This knife is absolutely exquisite-a
real work of art. I've never seen or owned anything like it.
I am really impressed by the quality and workmanship of this knife. Amazing! It's
just about museum quality, yet it's tough as nails.
Best knife I've ever purchased.

Benjamin Z.

New York, NY

Your knife is exceptional and a work of art. I’m very satisfied and it will be my first choice for everyday carry. This is only the second knife I have bought.

David C.

Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

Wanted to drop you a line, say hello, and let you know I had an opportunity to test out the Olamic in the field. A friend had taken a wild boar two days ago and asked me to help him clean it. This was my first opportunity since picking up the Wayfarer from you so I jumped at the chance. I have to say, Eugene, the Wayfarer in 3V was the absolute best knife I ever had the pleasure of using. The blade shape, the grind, the balance, and the steel was perfect. It enabled me to to fine cutting work when needed and the power to cut thru larger and tougher areas with great ease. I am used to having to stop and resharpen midway, but your Wayfarer powered thru the process and was just as sharp at the end as when I started. I truly believe I could do 5 more without sharpening and the Wayfarer wouldn't skip a beat.
Thank you for making such a wonderful product.
I can tell the time and effort you put into making the best knife for us.
It was an absolute pleasure to use and will be using it for many many years to come.
Much Aloha,

Brandon C.

Honolulu, HI

Just received my 247 and it surpasses all expectations. Just wanted to say thanks for all the great service and patience in answering my questions!

Benjamin H.

Hawthorne, NJ

It's all about personal preference and for me, this the perfect EDC. I opted for the bare-bones version (which could be misleading because it's nothing short of spectacular), if I want prettier, I'll get another Wayfarer Compact. The profile, other than the frame lock vs Liner is nearly identical to the Compact, but perhaps 1/3 thinner. The ergonomics based on my fairly large hands are fantastic. I'm becoming a bigger fan of Olamic Tactical by the day. When in doubt I, whip it out..

Sun K.

Laredo, TX

Extraordinary as far as quality and function is concerned
I'm a German Police Officer and will use it as an EDC. Action is smooth and fast as lightning. I bought it because of very good reputation within German Police and Military Special Forces. As I've been a trainer for fighting and shooting for some years I've had lots of knives and gear in my hands… This is top shelf. Ergonomics are of it was a part of your hand and not an external piece of metal.

Bernhardt B.

Munich, Germany

Got the Wayfarer Compact yesterday. Hard to know where to start. This knife is gorgeous! The compound grind, mirror polish, harpoon blade, entropic inlay and CF handle fuse together seamlessly to create a visual feast for the eyes. Everywhere you look there is something visually interesting to focus on. Just beautiful. I should also mention the feel of the knife is equally exceptional. Holding it you immediately get the sense of a well designed and immaculately constructed piece of art.

Steve T.

Walnut Creek, CA

I've received the Busker and it is awesome. I have around 100 knives and I think this may be the smoothest.
If you ever design that exact knife in a larger format, I'll be your first buyer!

Don C.

Hueytown, AL

This knife is amazing! I want to thank you all for the time you put into this knife! I really appreciate it. Have a great week.

Justin K.

Granite City, IL

Thanks again, you guys do excellent work. I've barely been able to put my Busker down since its arrival (much to the chagrin of my employees). I can't tell you enough how much of a pleasure the entire process was.

Mike H.

Betavia, IL

It's incredible. Nice work! Thanks!

Ken L.

Norwalk, CT

I received the knife today! It's amazing, a work of art! thank you again.

Adam M.

Bangor, ME

Thanks again for my awesome new Swish! It arrived today and is everything I hoped it'd be! I just love it and can't wait to show this dude off!!!
Thanks again,

Noel P.

Indianapolis, IN

Olamic has such interesting designs, and outstanding quality. We always know we will get something extraordinary. Eugene definitely likes to push the boundaries of knife making, while maintaining high standards for design and functionality. Whenever there is a knife show near us, we always look forward to seeing Eugene and Olamic's new designs. He is knowledgeable and approachable, and allways willing to nerd out about knives.

Todd & Danielle

Los Angeles, CA

I have to say -excuse the choice of my words- that your knife is fucking awesome. It is my first hunting knife in this size (I only have a small buck bowie) and my first damascus knife. The quality of your craftmanship is from my point of view nearly perfect. The handle fells perfect and smooth in my hands, the size is for me the optimum (I have not very big hands). The blade is solid, the pattern of the damascus very appealing. The balance is very good for my feeling. Overall a very very nice and big hunting knife. Together with the choice of colors and the moonglow inserts in the handle I like it very much. Thank you brother that you sent me such a beauty.

Sven S.

Gerasdorf, Austria

Dear Eugene,
What can I say…..It is just beautiful.
I want to thank you for puting up this knife for me. I have more tan 400 knives in my collection (midtechs, customs, etc.) and I honestly think you are the best knife makers in the US. Don't be surprised If I ask you to build me another outstanding gem in the near future.
Congratulations for representing with such level of quality, perfection and good taste the American knife industry.

Alfredo G.

Mexico City, Mexico

I have been a collector for 10 years and have most of the usual suspects;CR, Hinderer, Strider etc .Hands down thought, the Olamics that I own are my favorites. The Wayfarer 247 and the Swerves are the best made and most reliable knives that I own. Each one is different but the quality is consistent. They are works of art and always a joy both to carry and just to 'flip'. The workmanship is always there and I feel like they are a true value for the price ( not so much the case for some of my others). It has been especially rewarding to deal with Eugene Solomonik, the owner, directly. I don't write reviews very often but this one is long overdue.

Dennis B.

Signal Mountain, TN

I have had the pleasure of doing business with Eugene, at Olamic Cutlery, for quite some time. Olamic makes some of the best knives in the knife world, at a great price point. There quality, innovative new designs, and folder action,are second to none. On top of it all, there service is the best. Eugene is always there to solve a problem or work with your ideas. I am looking forward to doing business with Olamic Cutlery, for many years to come. Thanks Eugene !

Steve O.

Sonoma, CA

I was never in love with the up-swept blade shapes until I started frequently carrying an Olamic Swish. It works really well for everyday use, surprisingly well for some tasks like food prep. The sweep of the blade puts your hand out of the way, and I've (for the fun of it, I have really nice kitchen knives) prepped for entire meals using it, even dicing with the front half of the blade holding it a pinch grip just in front of the pivot.

Greg A.

Woodridge, IL

Just wanted to let you know I got my Busker Monday. Great knife and exactly what I wanted! Thanks for the outstanding service.

David F.

Baton Rouge, LA

Honestly, having bought this knife with high expectations (since it's not inexpensive), it has impressed. You'd be hard-pressed to find a knife at this price point that is as smooth, well-designed and possesses a similar level of build quality. In fact, you could spend far more and not get an appreciably better knife. Very well done. Simply put, you can't go wrong with this one.

Mitch D.

New Jersey, USA

This Olamic Wayfarer 247 is terrific in every way, come very sharp straight out of the box. Does include a pivot tool so that a bonus, because let face it soon or later you got to disassemble the knife to clean it up and put some oil in it. The ergonomic feel very comfortable in the hand, even it look heavy but it only slightly heavier than the zt 0452cf. If you can't afford this I would recommend the zt 0450, but be ready to open that thing up for adjusting the so heavy detent (don't say I didn't warn you).
Overall I really like this EDC for a knife, I could even use it as self defense but hopefully it won't come down to that. Ohh did I mention the blade steel is M390 on this mid-tech. And thank you knifecenter for they excellent services, all way a pleasure.

Danny B.

New Jersey, USA

ust want to let you know that 3 weeks later I still just absolutely love this knife, I'm so happy with it. No regrets. Well worth it. Just such a beautiful piece to hold, look at, and use.

Nathanael C.

Canberra, Australia

Olamic's Wayfarer has always been a favorite design of mine. The original with the 4" blade was always a bit large for me, so I had been looking at purchasing a Compact when I found out about the Wayfarer 247. I have owned one for a few weeks now, and I love the thinner profile of the handle, as well as the ceramic ball on the new pocket clip. The feel of the 247 is very similar to the Compact, only a bit thinner with a very solid feel. The blade deploys both smoothly and firmly without having an overly aggressive detent. The blade to handle ratio is excellent and it has perfect balance. The handle shape fits my hands very well, giving it a very confident, yet comfortable grip. The build quality is what you would expect from Olamic, which is very high quality, and knowing that Olamic backs the blade with their excellent customer service, is confidence inspiring. The flipper is more of a lightswitch than a push button deployment, and does not have any texture to it, but the shape makes it hard to miss when opening. There is just enough softening of the edges to prevent it from being uncomfortable without making it slippery.
About the only thing I could find that I thought could be improved was the cutout for the frame lock was a bit wide. That is getting very nit picky, though, as it does not hinder the performance or the comfort of the blade at all. I felt I needed to point out something in order to be objective, so that is my one area for improvement. I would highly recommend this mid-tech option as a very nice tactical and useful knife for daily carry. I liked it so much I actually purchased a Compact a couple of weeks after. Great materials, great steel, great design, and execution. Overall I am extremely satisfied!


Riverton, UT

I absolutely love the busker. The detent is definitely strong. I love the way the scales feel, and the fit and finish is perfect. Hardware is flush. It is so much fun to flip. Honestly great job overall and thank you for such a speedy process! I love the size so much it's making reconsider the rainmaker and maybe springing for another dressier busker.
The multiple possible opening styles is perfect too. It made me think about looking for that in all my future knives. Love it!”

Jean Louis F.

New York, NY

Very cool knife!!!! Very cool! Really like it! Great job!

Frank M.

Elkridge, MD

Skimming through one issue of my subscription to Blade magazine, I was ensnared by one of the rare gems in such catalogs that does more than catch the eye–it demands further exploration. Upon visiting Olamic Cutlery's website on my hunt for the blade that had so intrigued me, I was blindsided by what I can only describe as the most beautiful, subtly-nuanced piece of Damascus steel art I have ever had the privilege of laying eyes on. After talking with Eugene Solomonik, Olamic Cutlery's founder, for a week or so on the in's and out's of their show knife for the SoCal Blades Knife Expo 2013, I was hooked. After hearing the jaw-droppingly affordable price, I was decided. A week and a half later, it sits on a stand in my room, and I've never been more proud of a purchase in my life. The knife itself? Superbly-functional art at an affordable price. The unerringly attentive, immediate, and genuine customer service? An exceptionally pleasant bonus. Will I be back? You'd better believe it. Well done, folks at Olamic. Keep it up.

Jeff A.

Illinois, USA