Hand Carved Series

Hand Carved Original Art

About the Artist

Andrey Kolesnikov (b. 1960) lives in Russia and has been involved with knives, functional art, and metal work since his childhood. Despite being a radio engineer by trade he decided to make his hobby a profession in 1991. Since then Andrey has made and designed everything from miniatures to swords to our Busker model. He is the sole author and artist of all the carving you see below and has been working exclusively for Olamic since December 2016. All of the work is completely original and he has mastered metal carving, specializing in Titanium, an industry rarity. Follow him on Instagram: @knifemaster60

About the Knives

All carved knives are one-offs and belong to a limited series. Each series has a theme that unites the builds within it. The number of pieces belonging to a series is finite and once all are made the series is closed. Below you will find an overview of past and current series. Click View to explore previous works and see how many spots are left. Some knives are finished and available for sale, if that's the case you will see a link to its product page. Some open spots have a pre-determined theme, some do not, in which case you can suggest one. In doing so, to respect the artist's freedom, please review our Ordering Rules page prior to reserving a spot.

Dragon Inlays

Heroes & Villains

Jazzy Buskers

Ancient Civilizations

Gilded Creatures

Here Be Dragons

Art Homage

Sundry & Solitary

Punk'd Rainmakers

Thematic Skulls

War Helmets


Día de Muertos

World History Greats

Pew Pew Pew

Art of War

Six Samurai

Master's Mind



Vampy Buskers

Three Tree Frogs