Thank you for your interest in a hand-carved Olamic. Due to the talent involved to create these pieces we must respect the artist’s freedom. Below are a few notes about the ordering process. For the order form
click here.

Design Concept
If the individual theme within a series isn’t defined, you can suggest one. In doing so please limit the idea to a single sentence. Because all the artwork is original that is enough information for Andrey’s carving concept. Visual aids or reference images are not accepted.

Process & Obligation
There is no deposit required for the knife to be built once all parties agree that it should be built. You will receive a formal order write up with price, details, and delivery time. Upon completion of the knife we will send you photos for consideration. At that time, if you’d still like to purchase it, we’ll accept payment.

You can pay for the knife via PayPal (Goods/Services), credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express), postal money order, personal cashier’s check, wire transfer, and cash. All prices are in USD. The knife ships once your payment clears. All associated fees and shipping costs are included in the price we quote you.

Shipping & delivery
All carved pieces include insured worldwide delivery via UPS or USPS/EMS. Customs information, item description, etc will be discussed on a case by case basis. You also have the option of picking the knife up in person in California or at a knife show that we’re attending (for our show schedule click here). Special delivery accommodations are possible if need be.

We understand that some collections are private, especially for unique works. Please let us know if you’d like your knife to be kept out of the spotlight. Otherwise we reserve the right to use images of your knife as we see fit. By that we mean that it will be posted on our Facebook page, Instagram account, included in a series, or featured in a magazine. In that case you have the option to remain anonymous or be tagged in the post.

In case that you no longer want to own the knife, please let us know first. Due to the limited nature of every series there is a chance that someone else wanted your spot. Specific builds can be very desirable and we’ll happily see what we can do for you in case you no longer want it in your collection.