For the first time ever we are using Damasteel on our most popular models. The Wayfarer 247, Busker, and Swish are now available to order with Damasteel blades and matching pocket clips. We are using their new Super Dense Twist Pattern, it is stainless, and we’re hardening it to 60 Rockwell. Each model is limited to 100 pieces total. The Busker is available in Semper and Largo blade shapes. The Wayfarer 247 is available in all four blade shapes. If you do not want a Damasteel pocket clip, just let us know, and we will opt for a different material. Below is a gallery of some recent builds that we will update as new ones come up. Our dealers Blade HQ, Knifecenter, DLT Trading, and Lamnia (Europe) are also receiving small batches soon. To order use any of the build forms on our site or simply Contact Us directly.

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