Jul, 13 2017



Visit the gallery below for a glimpse into our brand new Busker model. A front flipper by design, the knife can be opened at least 10 different ways. We went with Bohler’s proven M390 for the blade and all 6AL-4V titanium construction on the handle. You have the option of either a floating titanium backbar or titanium standoffs. The blade runs on a caged bearing system with a ceramic detent ball. At the moment we are offering four blade shapes (pictured above). Starting MSRP is $365 for a plain jane version.


The knife is available direct and through dealers. There are thousands of possible options, so we can’t list or have photos of all of them. Feel free to explore the galleries for the Swish and the Wayfarer 247 to see if anything catches your eye and we can re-create it on the Busker. Use the form below to give us an idea of what you’re after and we’ll reply within 24 hours to finalize your build. Once we know what to make we’ll quote you a price and delivery date.

Build Request Form

Full Specs

Blade Length: 2.375"
Blade thickness: 0.138"
Blade steel: Bohler M390
Titanium: Frames, clip, backbar/standoffs, hardware
Overall length: 6.0"
Closed length: 3.5"
Handle thickness: 0.42"
Weight (backbar): 2.99oz
Weight (standoffs): 2.75oz
Other: caged bearing system, stainless lockbar insert w/ overtravel stop, ceramic detent, ceramic pocket clip retention ball

Available Now


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