It might be a clich√© but we have found this out for ourselves time and time again and can easily see why this concept is so relatable. Problems almost never arise by themselves and often thing seem like they’re either really great or totally terrible. What separates those who get soaked from those who stay dry is issues are dealt with as they arise. We were doing a simple hole pattern on this Wayfarer 247 using our manual mill when the bit chattered and seemingly ruined the frame. What started off as a basic build was now jeopardized and headed to the scrap pile. And that’s when the umbrella opened up, so to speak, and we decided to just keep drilling. The final result is now an iconic Olamic style called Acid Rain, available on both our mid-tech and custom folding knives. Because we don’t use a jig or any CAD model to create these limited edition pieces, each one is completely unique. You won’t know how your Acid Rain variant will turn out, but we promise that you’ll like it. A knife won’t keep you dry in the rain, but since each of these is at least 20% lighter than a standard one, you’ll have no problem running to cover with it in your pocket.

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