Our friends at DLT Trading just received the latest batch of our limited edition Damasteel Swish model. Visit their site to see fresh builds of this rare model, with variants not available anywhere else. Below is a preview gallery of some of these knives. Each Damasteel Swish is one of a kind and we used materials like Timascus, Mokume, Black Timascus, Mammoth tooth, Zirconium, and stabilized coral to make that possible. Keep an eye on their site in the next few weeks for equally special batches of Damasteel Busker and Wayfarer 247 models. On top of that if you are looking for a flame-colored Wayfarer 247 or a one off coated Swish, DLT is the only place to get one. To stay updated follow them on Instagram (@DLT Trading) and sign up for the newsletter.

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