Olamic began in 2010 with handmade Damascus hunting knives forged and built in Russia. We have always been proud of our in-house steel, specifically High Carbon Vanadium Damascus (H.C.V.D.) and its various patterns. In 2013 we expanded into folding knives and began using modern powder metals while our line of hand-forged fixed blades continued to remain popular. It took a long time but we are finally combining our past and our future by offering H.C.V.D. steel blades on custom folders built here in California. One of the first such knives is the Wayfarer pictured here, sporting a harpoon style blade in Storms of Jupiter pattern H.C.V.D., with matching bolsters and clip. The knife is accented by silver Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber and bone pattern filework on polished 6AL-4V titanium liners and backbar. This may be just a dressed up tactical folder, but to us it’s a perfect mix of tradition, technology, and international craftsmanship.

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