How to order

Framelocks (custom order)

The tabs below will contain corresponding order forms for our framelock models. First please take a look at the Build Assistant to get an idea of what you're after. After the form is submitted we'll get back to you within two business days to continue the build process.

Books for the Whippersnapper are currently closed. Sign up below and we'll let you know once we start taking orders again.

Linerlocks (custom order)

The form below covers our full custom linerlock models (Wayfarer Classic, Wayfarer Compact, Rainmaker Classic). Because of the sheer number of possible options we can’t list them all so the form is for you to give us an idea of the build and we’ll go from there. Books opening: end of October 2021.

Half Baked Builds

These knives are almost there and just need your creative input to be fully cooked. Each variant will have a more limited set of options to choose from versus the build-your-own approach. Once you decide what they are we'll need a couple of days to complete the build. The knife you get is the one in the photos + your choices of finishing touches. View all: Busker / Wayfarer 247 / Swish.

Available Now

We also list knives that are ready to go for immediate shipment. A lot of the time these are experimental builds, new options/styles, the first(s) in a series for a new idea. Other times there's no rhyme or reason to how one ends up here but you can always count on it being something good. Visit the shop page for all available pieces and a full archive of all sold.

Wayfarer 247 #143C



Wayfarer 247 #147C



Busker #721L