There are many things we can add to a knife but the concept of removing is just as important. A sculpture is just a solid block until the right amount of material is removed in the right places. On this build we decided to take our Funky Holes and see just how much titanium we can remove. The end result is pictured here and happens to be the lightest Wayfarer 247 made to date. It weighs in at just 3.84 ounces which is 22.42% lighter than a standard one. All of the carving is done by hand with our Entropic Blue finish applied after. Gallery of the first such build is below and we are looking forward to exploring this new style.

  1. Derek Sutton January 9, 2019 at 1:21 am - Reply

    How much to have wayfarer 247 made just like the one in the picture?

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