There has always been a number of projects being researched and developed behind the scenes here at Olamic. Like most organizations we have a “skunkworks" or special projects division. It’s always a joy when something comes to fruition and two such joys have always stood out. 

The first was in the works for awhile and the idea was to have our own in-house “fancy metal" akin to timascus, mokume, and the like. But we wanted it to stand out and, of course, on top of that the material had to be actually usable. Sometime in 2017 we succeeded and the result was dubbed “Fedokume" (the origin of the name is still classified).

at this point we still wanted more color

early batch, tighter pattern

Above you'll see two examples of very early versions our Fedokume material. We were happy with the results but one of the original goals was to have more color, and color that would stand out against mokume. So we kept at it to see what else is possible based on the proof of concept and what we learned from that first batch.

second batch, better contrast

third batch, more color, and an experiment in finishing

Getting closer there. Now we had blues/greens along side the gold/bronze tones, with good contrast in both glossy and more matte finishes. At this point we also did some carry tests to see how Fedokume would wear and saw that the color was very stable and resistant to fading or changing like many other materials do. The material was also very well received because it offered an exclusive alternative to mokume, timascus, and dragonskin while of course being something completely new. Because we still were only able to make it in very small quantities most of the Fedokume was reserved for truly special builds and iSolo Special Edition knives.

batch 3: now we're talkin'

batch 3 on a custom handmade 3D clip

Going into 2020 we were on the third small batch of Fedokume and things were beginning to look real hot. We had a lovely psychedelic pattern along with a wide spectrum of colors, one that before was not available in any single material of this kind. The colors remained durable under normal carry conditions. We were also happy to see that Fedokume worked just great as a clip material and had an excellent level of spring and tension. At this point there was a wait list for those who wanted to use it on a build. Going into 2021 we were ready for the next batch and so far it it's looking like always: each new attempt better than the one before it.

batch 3 on a polished, raised Whippersnapper inlay

Busker pocket clip w/ Fedokume batch 3.5

  1. Jon Lane October 18, 2021 at 2:40 am - Reply

    Hi folks, how can I get on the list for a cyst order for the Mokume please?

  2. Adam October 24, 2021 at 8:47 am - Reply

    Wow! That is a super pretty material. What is the best way to get on the waitlist for a build using Fedokume?

  3. Chris Sommer December 14, 2021 at 9:53 am - Reply

    It looks like Mokume and Timascus forge welded together lol. Nice.

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