We are proud to continue working with Andrey Kolesnikov (Russia) on unique pieces. Wayfarer 247s, Swishes, and Buskers have hand-carved Titanium frames. On our linerlocks we can also use Bronze for the scales. Below you find a gallery of some of these knives. Please let us know in the comments if there’s anything you’d like … Continue reading Artistry in Metal

These brand new cast stainless skull clips are now an option for the Wayfarer 247. We have always wanted to have an alternative to our current clip selection, but something with a little oomph, and think these are perfect. The clip is an original design and cast in a shape that allows good retention and … Continue reading Cast Skull Clip

In 2016 we released our first bead, the Skullhunter Owl, to a great reception of both knife and non-knife people. Today we are following up with another bead design, but this time a bat. Bats exist in most cultures and symbolize a number of things including perception, life, death, and rebirth. The bead is $35 … Continue reading Bat Bead