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Voykar HT CF



A few years ago we were able to convince a small factory that makes aerospace carbon fiber to make us a very thick block of their material. We have been using it here and there for truly special knives, with this Voykar HT being one of them. Its handle is monoblock zero void carbon fiber, shaped and carved by hand. Blade and fittings are also special: it’s our multi-bar Nickel Carbon Mosaic Damascus (NCMD).

Model: Voykar HT CF
Blade length: 5 1/4″
Blade steel: Multi-bar Nickel Carbon Mosaic Damascus (NCMD)
Overall length: 10 5/8″
Handle: One piece carbon fiber
Bolster/pommel: NCMD
Included: belt sheath, USPS Priority shipping, certificate of authenticity, lifetime warranty, zip up case