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Voykar HT w/ Karelian Birch burl



Despite having repeated models, our fixed also follow the “Never The Same” mantra. These three are from a batch of 5 that have a unique marbled Damascus pattern. The steel used is still our proprietary HCVD (High Carbon Vanadium Damascus) mix. Handles are dyed, stabilized Karelian Birch burl that has been hand-carved for that signature shape. Matching bolster/pommel. Each comes with a leather sheath, certificate of authenticity, lifetime warranty. Please use the form to select the color you’d like. This is a custom, handmade knife, with a unique serial number.

Model: Voykar HT
Blade length: 5 1/4″
Blade steel: High Carbon Vanadium Damascus (HCVD), Marbled pattern
Overall length: 10.5″
Weight:Handle: Karelian Birch burl, dyed, stabilized
Bolster/pommel: HCVD (matching)
Included: belt sheath, USPS Priority shipping, certificate of authenticity, lifetime warranty, zip up case