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Wayfarer 247CF Livebuild

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New for 2023 is the ability to render a preview of what your build will actually look like. The configure button below will take you to an interface that allows to select options on the knife and see what they look like in real time. We are starting with the brand new Wayfarer 247CF, which is the first variant to have a non-titanium show side frame. These builds are limited to just the new blade shapes for this model in CPM S90V steel (full specs below). This Livebuild feature is being updated with options as we go along so if something isn’t featured yet it doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to order. Additional information, complete specifications, and changelog are below.


Additional Information

Visual Representation

For the most part the renderings used here are made from photographs of actual knives and are an excellent representation of what the final product will look like. We made sure that colors, shadows, and highlights are as accurate and tested how it all looks on desktop LCD displays, laptop screens (including Retina), and a couple of different smartphones. On your end please make sure that your screen brightness is adequately high and any “night shift” features that affect its color temperature are off. That being said, slight variation in appearance of colors on the actual knife vs. what you see on-screen is accepted as a normal result of the techniques used to make the knife and the physics of visible light.

Backspacers and Pocket Clips

You’ll notice that the configurator for now doesn’t include the ability to select the backspacer and pocket clip. That is planned for the future. In the meantime as far as backspacers go we can do pretty much any style previously done on any of the models. They can be explored in the Build Assistant (§ G1-G13), any gallery on this website, google images, etc. By default the backspacer will match your hardware selection, but if you’d like something else, let us know in the order comments. All filework and sculpting are subject to an additional charge. At this time the pocket clip will match the lock side handle selection because in our experience this is a great choice both as far as use/carry/wear and aesthetics.

Material Consistency

All the carbon fiber materials used are made by Fat Carbon and we’ve found them to be of very high quality. Due to the nature of how these laminates are created there is an inherent randomness to how the finished scale will look, which also contributes to the uniqueness of each piece. Some variation in the exact carbon fiber pattern from knife to knife is expected. For the colorful styles, differences in the amount of each color visually present on the handle from knife to knife are expected and not abnormal. We don’t have the ability to effectively control the exact final outcome but the material is more than adequately consistent for this to not be an issue.

Handmade Qualities

Our finishing/styling options (especially on Ti) are achieved by hand and subsequently don’t allow for exact repeatability. This handmade approach means each rocks sculpted handle will be unique, the number of Acid Rain holes won’t be the same, Frosty finish patterns can have personalities, jeweling patterns won’t all shimmer the same, and so on. Certain things, for example Entropic-based finishes, are naturally chaotic and it’s this fundamental unpredictability that defines them. However, after nearly a decade of practice, we’re able to say that the visuals used in this configurator are an excellent overall representation of what your knife will look like in real life.

Adjustable Thumbstud

Purist, Cutlass, and Wharning blade shapes have an adjustable thumbstud option. It is titanium and will match either the blade or the hardware, at our discretion, based on the best option as far as looks and durability. The thumbstud is adjustable (left to right), rotate-able (to change direction of its oblique/knurled side), reversible (to the other side of the blade), or removable (in which case the cutout can still be used as an opening method). All of the aforementioned would be aided by the use of the same tool we include to adjust the pivots.

Order Process

After you’ve selected all the desired options press the order button to be taken to a cart page with a summary of the build and a rendering of the final outcome. After the order is submitted we’ll personally follow up to confirm all the details and go over anything that needs attention. At this point we’ll need 2-3 business days to make and ship the knife. Delivery is via UPS 2nd Day Air (for example: an order placed on Monday will be confirmed same day or next day, to be completed/shipped by Wednesday, in order to arrive on Friday). The Wayfarer 247CF will come with our hard shell zipper case, certificate of authenticity, pivot adjustment tool, and stickers.

Limited Edition Enforcement Table (L.E.E.T.)

We are going to limit the quantity of each blade shape/handle material combination that will be made (to about a dozen each). Considering the number of lock side options, within each such permutation there should only be a few with the same primary finish. And then once blade finish, hardware, and backspacer are factored in, the chances of your exact build being a one-off are very high. If the configurator prevents you from selecting a specific blade shape with a specific handle material it means that permutation has reached its limit.

Blade steel: CPM S90V
Blade length: 3.5″
Blade thickness: 0.137″
Overall length: 8.25″
Closed length: 4.75″
Handle thickness: 0.49″
Weight: ~3.8oz ( weight chart )
Handle (show side): Fat Carbon (varies)
Handle (lock side): Ti 6Al-4V
Pivots/screws: Ti 6Al-4V
Backbar: Ti 6Al-4V
Pocket clip: Ti 6Al-4V

2023-01-02 v1.1 published
2023-01-06 [ADDED] lock side: satin, dark blast, dark blast acid rain, faux bolsters frosty/neontropic
2023-01-08 [NEW] blade shape: Companto
2023-01-15 [ADDED] lock side: Rocks/Acid Rain, Kinetic Sky AR, Kinetic Eggplant AR, Kinetic Earth AR, Kinetic Mist AR, Kinetic Rainforest AR
2023-01-21 [ADDED] blades: Companto stonewash, Mouflon stonewash
2023-01-28 [ADDED] lock side: Antique Neontropic, Neontropic/Acid Rain, Neontropic/Rocks sculpted
2023-02-01 [ADDED] lock side: Entropic (Original)