Halloween 2021

Halloween Editions 2021

We have been doing Halloween Edition knives since 2016 and it's always been a lot of fun. How these editions were created has varied from year to year as models were introduced and build options added. First we used appropriate colors of various materials for scales on our linerlocks. Then we started doing Gunkote coating in-house which meant more possibilities. In 2019 and 2020 there was a hand-carved knife serving as the centerpiece. It always drew the most attention and warranted high demand… but there was only one. This year we decided to make them all centerpieces.

Despite the robust evolution of Olamic Halloween Editions, one element remained a constant and is present in all: unique blade logo variations based on our standard one. Each time new logos were added and were exclusive to that year.

Below you'll find the five hand-carved Halloween edition knives and the custom blade logos for 2021. Each Busker is a one-off and the individual product pages have a menu allowing you to select the blade logo. Then we laser engrave it in the same place as usual prior to shipping the knife.

One off hand-carved Buskers

This year's exclusive blade logos