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The original Skullhunter Owl (in pewter) was released in 2016 and has been available on and off, since then. We followed up in November 2018 with two new versions of that design. One was in bronze and another in cobalt-chrome, with each being limited to ten (10) pieces. In December 2020 we revisited those and added a fourth metal (three (3) done in nickel-chrome). The bronze variant received a green patina, with five (5) made. And finally the cobalt-chrome with updated colorization, and limited to ten (10).

We are marking Halloween Olamic style for the fourth year in a row. Only during the month of October we’ll be making spooky themed builds of all our framelock models. This is the first year we’ve been able to do this and that means you’re able to order any of the following: Wayfarer 247 (4 blades), Whippersnapper (2 blades), Soloist (2 blades), Swish, Busker (Semper/Largo only), Rainmaker (4 blades). Each of course come with a unique Halloween-themed logo of your choice. Pictured above is one of the first Editions this year, a Whippersnapper, in titanium hand-carved by A. Kolesnikov.

Crowd favorite the Skullhunter Owl bead is back in stock once again and available to order from the shop page. As always, stock is limited for the time being. The price hasn’t changed ($35.00) and shipping is always included. For international orders feel free to contact us first regarding shipping options.

We are working on a small batch of our custom linerlocks, this time with CTS-XHP blade steel. So far this is limited to the Wayfarer Classic (4″ blade) model. Contact us directly or fill out the build your own form if you’re interested and want to get started.

We have added a new build option to our arsenal. These deconstructed inlays are available only on the Whippersnapper model (for now) and can be created virtually out of any material. Check out the gallery below or take a look in the Build Assistant for more.

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Our first show to get cancelled was IWA OutdoorClassics and from then it was sadly obvious that others would follow. To bring the knife show experience up to social distancing spec we built The Olamic Table which aims to simulate the experience but online. During times of actual cancelled shows we’ll be holding live hangouts via Zoom as well as present new knives for sale at the show’s opening time. Click the link below and sign up for email notifications to know about upcoming drops and shows.

Olamic Table Newsletter

Following the similarly styled Wayfarer 247 (August 2019) and Busker (May 2019), the latest limited exclusive with CountyComm is the Whippersnapper. This variant is limited to just 24 pieces in each blade style and is serialized xx/24 (on the inside, unlike standard Whippersnappers). The main distinguishing feature is three prominent curved fullers in show side scale. To bring out their depth and make for a true EDC knife, everything from blade to handle to hardware has been finished in stonewash. It’s available now only from CountyComm Gov’t Products Group.

Today we are launching our latest folding knife, the Whippersnapper. It’s a follow-up front-flipper to the Busker, also designed by Andrey Kolesnikov. This one will be available with American-made CPM 20CV steel from Crucible metals and feature our proven framelock DNA. The pocket clip has been updated to a full 3D design that offers easier pocket-ability versus the ceramic ball styles because the space under it can be increased. You’ll notice a long floating backspacer like on our other models which, of course, can be sculpted or filework’d to your liking. For all other specs, gallery, and order info please visit the Whippersnapper.