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Latest News

The original Skullhunter Owl (in pewter) was released in 2016 and has been available on and off, since then. We followed up in November 2018 with two new versions of that design. One was in bronze and another in cobalt-chrome, with each being limited to ten (10) pieces. In December 2020 we revisited those and added a fourth metal (three (3) done in nickel-chrome). The bronze variant received a green patina, with five (5) made. And finally the cobalt-chrome with updated colorization, and limited to ten (10).

We are marking Halloween Olamic style for the fourth year in a row. Only during the month of October we’ll be making spooky themed builds of all our framelock models. This is the first year we’ve been able to do this and that means you’re able to order any of the following: Wayfarer 247 (4 blades), Whippersnapper (2 blades), Soloist (2 blades), Swish, Busker (Semper/Largo only), Rainmaker (4 blades). Each of course come with a unique Halloween-themed logo of your choice. Pictured above is one of the first Editions this year, a Whippersnapper, in titanium hand-carved by A. Kolesnikov.

Crowd favorite the Skullhunter Owl bead is back in stock once again and available to order from the shop page. As always, stock is limited for the time being. The price hasn’t changed ($35.00) and shipping is always included. For international orders feel free to contact us first regarding shipping options.