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Quickform is a way to easily order a killer build with a fast turn-around time. For now three are available, split up by scale material: OD Green Canvas Micarta, Burlap Micarta, and twill carbon fiber. Each page will have hundreds of mock-ups of what the result will look like. These can be filtered to your liking as a way to compare/contrast options.

Quickforms: Burlap Micarta / Canvas Micarta / Carbon Fiber

This ordering method is in addition to everything else that's possible on the bolsterlock Whippersnapper and the resulting knife is no less custom than any other build. Additional details will be on each of the product pages. Sign up for Model Notifications if you'd like to know when more Quickforms are posted.

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You can use the form below to sign up for email notifications for specific models. We will only email you if there are updates to the model(s) you chose to be notified for.

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